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Gamble in Canadian Dollars

When it comes to gambling with real money at an online casino, many gamblers prefer to do it directly in Canadian currency.

The advantage of being able to directly access casino gambling platforms which offer Canadian currency has its importance: you do not pay charges linked to the exchange rate.
Not all casinos have this option, which has an appreciably negative bearing on making maximum winnings from slot machines or table games.
Naturally, stock-market fluctuations and decisions of the American, Canadian and European Central Banks do have a direct impact on currencies and exchange rates but even if it means not exchanging currencies, surely it is better to gamble in the currency of your country of residence.

It is no secret that the casino always has an advantage over the gambler, even when the payout rate is high (over 97%).
By not paying charges on exchange rates, you gain on average 1% (if you choose to gamble in US$ or Euros). Such a percentage may be seen as purely symbolic for those gambling for fun but for gamblers looking for profits and odds to their advantage, such a percentage is to be taken seriously.

Most of the sites listed on offer the option of gambling directly in Canadian currency.
One of Canada’s most popular sites, Jackpot City Casino, stands out particularly as it offers the best alternative when it comes to making bank deposits and collections in Canadian dollars.
It is in the interests of professional Internet gamblers, as well as those wishing to put into practice some winning recipe or well-oiled mathematical formula, to gamble directly in the currency of their country of residence (from Canada, gambling in Canadian dollars, from Europe, gambling in Euros etc.).