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The number of gamblers on mobile devices is increasing year on year

The general public’s use of mobile devices to surf the internet, communicate over social networks and download apps is increasing every year.

The phenomenon is such that the number of online mobile-device users overtook that of desktop-users some two years ago.
This is no surprise as the enthusiasm for mobile devices constitutes a veritable digital revolution to the extent that online casinos have had to adapt to the situation by extending their own mobile gaming platforms.

The most committed casino designers have gone so far as to rethink their whole web philosophy by offering exclusively mobile versions (though compatible with computers) and mobile structure, called mobile friendly & responsive in internet jargon.

The pioneer among online casino sites to have broken the barrier is Royal Vegas Casino. The PC version of the site remains accessible but will no longer be developed as before, the priority being afforded to the mobile version.
According to data made public in the online gaming sector, there are reportedly twice as many mobile-device gamblers as those using computers. Digital is taking over from office or home computing, and casino platforms are becoming sites entirely adapted to mobile devices with games specifically designed for this purpose.

Two options enable gambling at mobile casinos:

  1. an instant version requiring no downloading,
  2. an Apple Store application.

Both desktop and mobile users can choose to gamble on line from any web support they wish.
As for mobile devices, the webpages have been designed to create the atmosphere of a real casino: soundtracks, realistic games, client support, real money and some sites like have even gone so far as to offer mobile games live.

More traditional but still just as state-of-the-art,the Platinum Play Casino site follows the latest trends when it comes to instant-version gambling.

Casino designers and online casino operators have come up with some very successful mobile versions attentive to the smallest details whilst evolving with the latest mobile trends which year on year must meet new security norms and the technical challenges of iPhone’s Safari and the Android browsers used by Samsung, Sony, Google and Huawei.


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Zodiac Casino
From a computer, the casino software must be downloaded and installed whereas on mobile devices, the games are instantly available on line after opening a new user account.