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Which Online Casino Creates the Most Millionaires ?

The question is fair enough – and the answer also tells us which online casino gives you the best chances of winning jackpots of millions of dollars.
Here at we’ve been looking into this in detail and done some serious research. So although all the best online casinos in the world are displayed on’s home page, we can now confirm there is one casino well worth mentioning that rises above the normal ranking and stands out from classic casinos.
This casino, one of the most popular in the world when it comes to calling on Lady Luck and her friends, is Ruby Fortune.


The casino has more than five million registered players. Every month at least one player wins a jackpot of more than $1 million, not forgetting of course the impressive number of classic jackpot winners playing on Ruby Fortune’s many slot machines.
First-timers and fans of slots looking for big payouts can count on this casino which really is in a league of its own. As far as gaming tables are concerned, Roulette and Blackjack fans will be delighted to know that Ruby Fortune includes the best the web has to offer.
When you take a look at Ruby Fortune’s winners’ page, it only takes a second to see that business is booming and that winners come from Europe, Canada and Japan – and that’s good news for those looking to try their luck at slots that pay out.

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The Success of Online Betting

The most illustrative online betting sites are enjoying unprecedented success with more and more users turning to internet for their gambling needs.
“The most competitive operators, running gaming platforms, have been able to keep up with demand in a rapidly expanding industry.”
Ever since the invention of the smartphone in 2007, commercialised mobile devices have contributed immensely to online betting’s rapid development and mobile-device users are making their presence felt more and more.
National statistics of those countries with legalised and regulated online betting sectors indicate that gamblers connecting with mobile devices represent 67% of those clients using real money on line.
What was unthinkable not a decade ago, online betting (casino, poker, sports betting) has become the norm to the extent that “real” bricks-and-mortar casinos in urban conglomerations, spa resorts or tourist spots are losing an important part of their clientele year on year as the latter lose interest in gambling in places designed specifically for this purpose.
Of course, renowned casinos will always exist with hardened gamblers favouring real contact with real croupiers, tables and slot machines. However, gaming rooms which do not meet the highest standards with maximum attendance will be forced to innovate … or else shut up shop.

At a global level, new casinos are a rare phenomenon. Indeed it is the opposite which is prevalant as only those casinos with high enough sales figures can look to the future with any optimism.
Gambling on mobile devices and computer
It is easy to understand why online casinos are so successful, given the quality of the games on offer from the most active operators.
The most emblematic online casinos run on platforms which adapt easily to web devices and browsers. Moreover, games and customer support are accessible 24/7 and in several languages :
“The Casino Never Closes”.
Technically speaking, creating an online casino to operate on a mobile-device screen is quite a feat! Engineers and programmers have risen to the challenge while ergonomists and designers have been able to create mobile pages with easy navigation between games as well as tabs to comfortably manage online accounts (co-ordinates, game categories, payments, cashing, customer support).
Online casinos in competition
The online casino industry is expanding and as with any such successful sector, there is great rivalry between the different groups.
This is to the benefit of fans of slot machines, poker and online betting, such competition compelling the most professional operators to offer services of the highest quality: perfect graphic support to games, attractive special offers and faultless customer support.
Legal online casinos
There’s no going back on the legalisation of online casinos, which only goes to show that gamblers’ customs and habits have indeed changed.

“Governments would never have authorised online gambling before the arrival of the mobile device. In fact, the digital era has totally revolutionised the whole sector.”