Mummy’s Gold

Mummy’s Gold Casino is one of the most secure and entertaining casinos to be found on line. For over ten years now, the site has called upon the safest, state-of-the-art technology to ensure a unique, unforgettable experience. Cutting-edge casino games are graphically perfect and original, customer service is discreet and readily available, and ethical standards are hitherto unsurpassed. Based on the theme of Pharaohs and Mummies, jackpots worthy of an Egyptian king do indeed await lucky winners.

Mummys Gold Casino

With Mummy’s Gold Casino, enjoy a graphically dazzling experience

It is second to none for its quality and customer service. The Mummy’s Gold Casino game platform gives you full access to the slot machines and gaming tables, amounting to 450 games on computer and 100 on smart phone.

Casino games

The software used by Mummy’s Gold Casino is Microgaming, a guarantee of advanced reliabiity, professionalism and efficiency. Over 450 up-to-date games and innovations every month, each one as top-quality, secure and realistic as the others, just as you would expect to find in the finest Las Vegas casinos. Slot machines offer a wide choice along with progressive jackpots in millions of dollars, euros or whatever currency you prefer. The classics – roulette, baccarat and blackjack – are available in a vast array of differing versions depending on each user’s special preferences.

Payout rates at Mummy’s Gold Casino

Payout rates exceed 97% of stakes and sometimes even 98%, a figure well above the average of the world’s most popular online casinos.

Playing from a mobile device or tablet

Mummy’s Gold Casino is ideal for mobile devices and tablets with its 100%-reliable accounts system. With a personal gambler account, you can log in from whatever device you wish. You can do so from a PC, a Mac or even a smart phone or tablet, all with the same log-in, which is of course highly convenient.

Playing from a computer

All Mummy’s Gold Casino games can be downloaded to a PC. Those users who prefer not to download may opt for the instant version which enables them to use their browser directly without downloading any software on to their computer.

Playing from a Mac

Mummy’s Gold Casino is compatible with Mac/Apple: all Mac computers can be used – desktop, laptop, iPhone or iPad.

Mummy’s Gold free bonuses: CAN $500

The free introductory bonuses awarded by Mummy’s Gold Casino are high and for real, up to 500 credits for new customers to the site. Mummy’s Gold Casino also runs a loyalty scheme which rewards long-term clients.
Customer service
24/7 by chat, e-mail or telephone.
Means of payment
Credit card, online e-banking, cheque, bank transfer.
Payout of winnings is speedy, between 1 and 3 days, depending on the means of payment adopted.
Recognised currency
Canadian dollars, US dollars, Euros etc.
Casino licences
Canada and Europe. Gamblers from throughout the world are welcome except for those countries where online casinos are banned.

Notice to clients

Mummy’s Gold Casino is one of the most popular casinos in Canada. The site’s reputation, the exceptional quality of its games on PC or mobile device, the security surrounding its transactions as well as its free bonus schemes have made Mummy’s Gold Casino one of the most popular casinos for gambling enthusiasts of all kinds.