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Zodiac – The Best Online Casino in 2019

Zodiac website is elected as the best online casino of year 2019 by our experts and testers. The welcome bonus and chances to win jackpots are the main reasons for this choice, as well as this site is legal and owner of a Canadian operating license.

Online since 1999, the casino celebrates more than 20 years of online activity! Realized on the stars theme, the site is a bearer of good fortune. But not only… the site is administered by one of the most respected operators on the Web, registered users of the casino benefits from real advantages. The first advantage of this casino is the welcome bonus which starts with a bonus of 2000% for only C$1! This bonus activates 80 rounds to play on the most profitable slots machine that we can find on a casino website (the Mega Moolah), or another game fitted with progressive jackpot.

A competitive and secure casino

With a mobile version and another designed to play on a computer, each game is highly secured and audited. Performances and payment rate enable to all players to make real money. The site being linked to a legal operating license in Canada, payments are guaranteed and every player have the same chances to win.
Overall, there are more than 150 games on mobile phones or 500 with the downloading version on computers. All games have a payment rate of more than 97%.
Selected best online casino in 2019 thanks to big gains of players.

A complete catalog of games

Fans of slots, roulette, video poker and blackjack are spoiled with Zodiac Casino! As in a real casino in Las Vegas, games are creative, exciting and profitable. The casino holds gain records every year and the games which provide the biggest winners are, with no surprise, those which are progressive (video slots). Players who took a chance to Mega Moolah, the most impressive game for its jackpot, are seen to become millionaires from one second to the other.

The C$1 bonus to start playing

As original as authentic, the first bonus on deposit of Zodiac Casino starts with a bet of only… C$1. This bonus activates automatically 80 rounds on the slot machine with progressive jackpot of your choice. Other bonuses are also offered to new users of Zodiac – in total, C$500 can be received freely on the first five deposits made.

Games which pay and make money

Chance plays a role in casino record gains and that is normal, as in the lottery. Overall, with all the games made available by Zodiac Casino, there are real possibilities to win thousands of dollars or more. Daily, the site counts a huge number of winners, indeed, the games that offer the best payment rates are also the most played. To appreciate it, it is enough to see the page of casino winners. We find there the slots machines Deco Diamonds©, Pure Platinum©, Thunderstruck©, Ariana© and Cool Buck 5 Reel© among the most profitable of these last months.

The common feature of these games: those are slots with 5 rollers with numerous winning combinations. Add to this, some jokers and free rounds with multipliers and we understand why there is so much activity with Zodiac Casino!
Video poker fans are delighted with payment rates which are close to 100%. For this reason, video poker is appreciated from players who do not want to take too many risks.
For all these reasons, our team make the choice to title Zodiac as the best online casino in 2019.

Table of winners of the day with Zodiac Casino
Table of winners.

Blackjack and roulette

There are not only slot machines on Zodiac Casino! Players which prefer table games have access to blackjack and roulette. Each player can find the version which suits him/her best (every variant is in the catalog). Compared to slots, table games do not offer big jackpots to win. However, every experienced user who knows well the rules, may have an advantage. Statistics and mathematics play in favor of experienced and professional players. With Zodiac, players who know have the advantage. Games being audited and fair on this first-choice site, every customer of the gambling room has something to have fun.

Chances to become a millionaire

With no complex, the gambling platform of Zodiac Casino appears as a casino which provides millionaires! Every year, users of the website see themselves becoming rich…
Discretion requires, all winners do not want to testify of their victories, what can be understood. But there are some players who make the choice to let it know, that’s the reason why you will always see pics of winners with big check in hands!

Even more impressive than some gambling rooms in Las Vegas and in Canada!

This virtual casino has won jackpot records that exceed a million dollars. Winners are from various origins, and Canadians, as the Europeans, are ranked in the top of most represented.