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Is an online casino better than a physical casino?

This question is legitimate, and gambling and casino fans often ask themselves this question. Playing games of money and chance such as those found in land-based casinos are as safe and reliable on the Internet as in the most beautiful and prestigious casinos in North America or England.

The ever-increasing use of the Web for entertainment tends to encourage casino players to take an interest in the options available to them, and by consulting the press, players’ forums or by doing research on search engines, we can quickly realize that there are a large number of virtual casinos that make real casino games available to their users, in the form of software, with real money bets and bets.
“Some online casinos (just like some real casinos) are to be avoided, while others are trusted. »

How do I know if an online casino is reliable and trusted?

Several aspects are to consider, and once known, it is easy to know if an online casino is fair, … or not.
The first thing to check is whether the online casino visited holds a casino gaming license, which is a real guarantee of trust and reliability.
The U.K. implements legal and technical tools available to their citizens in order to protect them from possible fraud. In a few words: a virtual casino labelled in England guarantees players fair and audited games (thus not rigged), and the assurance of being paid in any circumstance (when a player wins big or simply wants to withdraw his funds because he no longer wishes to make bets).
Other aspects to check are the quality of customer service and the methods of payment and collection made available to players.
Customer service: any reputable online casino can be contacted at any time by phone on a landline, as well as by e-mail and chat. A reliable online casino responds very quickly to any request in an accurate and professional manner, whether by phone or other means of communication.
Banking methods: an online casino does not function like a land-based casino when it comes to wagering real money, secure and confidential payment methods are made available to players, such as credit cards, electronic wallets and bank transfer.
The banking operations carried out by these means of payment make it possible to trace the recipients, and any online casino proposing methods of deposit authorized in England oblige the operators of the online casinos to behave in a fair and honest way, otherwise they would expose themselves to important risks in the event of complaint on behalf of injured players.
Is an online casino better than a physical casino?
The answer is yes, an online casino offers advantages that a land-based casino cannot offer: free welcome bonuses, 7/24 access to the games, multiple languages depending on the player’s origin, ongoing audits and large jackpots to win (equivalent to several million pounds).
The guide team, expert in auditing and comparing online casinos, consults and tests every month the virtual casinos that enjoy the best reputation. The pages of this guide are broken down via the navigation menu at the top of the page, and in just a few clicks each user can, according to his preferences, consult the casino pages by section (top 10, free bonus generosity, etc.).
Be careful, however, to always play within your financial means. Like a real casino, a virtual casino can cause addiction and a tendency for the most sensitive players to find themselves in difficult financial situations if they gamble compulsively.

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