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New 100% UK Online Casino Sites

With the new security standards and directives imposed by the UK Gambling Commission, the online casino landscape has changed radically.
Given greater advantages, especially concerning free bonus offers, which now have to be more genuine, UK online casino customers must also be assured permanent access to customer support.

In order to combat gambling addiction, each UK casino must clearly offer responsible service in this domain by limiting real-money deposits to users who seem to be gambling above their means. Any user of a UK online casino may also be banned from gambling through a simple and rapid procedure.
Taxes, competition and online betting
Today, the UK online casino industry is the safest and most innovative there is. Competition between the various online casinos is also the fiercest to such an extent that even the most reputable casinos must regularly reassess themselves in order to stay attractive and competitive.
Moreover, all UK regulated casinos are subject to high taxation, which of course brings down profits, and many operators have gone out of business faced with the new taxes and stricter regulation.
Which UK online casinos can be recommended?
There are some 300 online casinos in the UK, among which only a handful offer serious benefits (innovative games, increased security, genuine free bonuses).
For those gamblers looking for reliable, legal and fair sites, the team at recommends online casinos to be found on its browser menu. Otherwise, other similar sites can also be consulted at the Best Online Casinos guide, a UK reference when it comes to the casino industry.

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