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Where Can I Find Online Casino Deals?

Are you new to online casinos and searching for the best game offers to start on the right foot? Good news! You’re in the right place. With our guide, you can find reliable and proven casino games.

We can also point you towards the best online casino welcome bonuses, which give you a 100% bonus on your first deposit. And, if you’re lucky and are looking to get more, the Golden Tiger Casino offers a C$1500 welcome bonus! This Golden Tiger promo is one of the most generous out of all the virtual casinos accepting Canadian players. It’s also listed on the biggest casino guides in the world, like the OCP guide which is the worldwide reference for online casino fans in Canada.

Canada is home to the safest casino sites

If you check out all the online casinos on the web, you can see that Canadian casinos are the most popular. Firstly, because every online Canadian casino has to be registered and certified by a Canadian authority. Secondly, because the games are audited and checked regularly. And lastly, because Canadian casinos have recognized and effective banking services. You can easily bet and cash out winnings with credit cards or bank transfers.

Reliable deals in Toronto and all over Canada

No matter where you are in Canada, there are plenty of options when it comes to online casinos. In fact, there are nearly 1000 virtual casinos accessible from Canada! But why so many? Simply because Canada doesn’t regulate gambling online, which gives players the choice to gamble wherever they want. You can decide to target Toronto’s most popular online casinos ( – OCP) or maybe go for a more Las Vegas-style casino. There’s so much to choose from!

Classic games and modern slot machines

You can see how many games are available after just a glance at some of the most popular casinos on the internet. Even when it comes to the simple game of Roulette, there are almost 10 variants. Same goes with Blackjack, video poker and slot machines. From just a small selection of casino games, creators have been able to come with endless possibilities. Online casinos have to rely on game creators to add game options that increase the chances of winning with all sorts of betting choices. The best example comes from the previously mentioned OCP guide. With the Mega Moolah progressive slot, online casinos have truly been able to show their ingenuity. This game has a pot that increases every time a player makes a bet and is linked to all the casinos powered by the successful game creator, Microgaming. Microgaming is powering over 500 virtual casinos based on 5 continents and generating multi-million dollar jackpots.

Choosing traditional games

If you’re more of a classic player, we recommend sites like Gaming Club. Gaming Club mainly offers traditional games instead of modern soundtracks and flashing graphics.